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child custody support book

"This E-book is a 'must-have' for every parent who has a child custody or support issue.  It is extremely informative, yet concise and easy to understand.  The knowledge you will gain from this book will pay for itself many times over."    

         ---  D.C. Ferraro, Family Law Attorney with 17 years experience

The Attorney Connection has Attorneys throughout the United States with years and years of family law experience.  We've been a legal industry leader in innovative ways to effectively and affordably handle family law cases since 2008. 

  • We are changing the way people look at and handle their family law cases, saving them thousands of dollars in attorney retainer fees!
  • We have experienced family law attorneys throughout the United States, licensed to practice law and in good standing with their respective State Bars.
  • We’ve helped thousands of parents effectively and inexpensively handle their family law cases.
  • We have premiere Attorneys who are leading family law litigators in their respective communities.
  • We are owned and operated by experienced attorneys, as opposed to new competition that pops up periodically by non-attorneys who may be committing the unauthorized practice of law and other legal violations.

For a long time, we were just individual attorneys who went about the day-to-day practice of family law, collecting expensive retainer fees from clients, like the traditional law firms.

However, with the desire to help more people and make attorney help more accessible to all, especially in a depressed economy, we decided to think “outside the box” with innovative ways to help people who need professional legal help, but who don’t have the thousands of dollars it costs to retain an attorney.

The Day We Changed the Legal Industry 

What We Created Has Changed the Lives of Thousands!

To save people thousands in legal fees, we created a way for people to get professional legal help for a tiny fraction of the cost!

Before long, hundreds of people started contacting us and the testimonials flooded in.  Thousands of people were introduced to a new way of getting family law legal help at a price of only $695 to $895 instead of the usual $2,000 to $5,000 it costs to retain an attorney.  There had never been a service that so dramatically decreased the amount a person typically spends to get professional legal assistance for a family law case.  

Those customers were successful in getting their family law matter resolved and still saved thousands of dollars in legal fees!

Our success in providing affordable help to others has continued to grow, and in 2012 we took our legal experience, expertise and knowledge and put it into a new E-book...

10 Easy Ways to Win Your Custody & Support Case and Save Money! What Every Parent Needs to Know About Custody & Support

It is a Massive Success! 

We began compiling and updating the content, legal information and legal forms regularly.  And now we've put it all together with updated strategies for 2012.

We've also created a member's area with BONUS materials to supplement the book.

We could go on and tell you how our secrets have positively changed the lives of others over the years, but why not find out the secrets for yourself?


In 10 Easy Ways to Win Your Custody & Support Case and Save Money! You Will Discover....

  • How to Save Yourself Thousands of Dollars in Legal Fees
  • The Top 3 Secrets Attorneys Don’t Want You to Know about Family Law Cases
  • What Free Legal Resources are Available to Help You
  • How to Prepare and Succeed in Mediation
  • How to Prepare and Succeed in Court
  • Free Legal Forms Available to Help You
  • The Basics, but Essentials, of Family Law
  • Alternatives to Spending Thousands in Attorney Fees

This is just a fraction of what you'll learn in 10 Easy Ways to Win Your Custody & Support Case and Save Money! - What Every Parent Needs to Know About Custody & Support.

There are Ten Chapters, plus Appendixes with invaluable sample forms and additional information!  But that's not all. . . .

child custody support book

There’s More! 

  • You’ll get a 25% Discount on legal document preparation if you wish to have them prepared by an experienced family law attorney with The Attorney Connection – a $194 Savings      
  • A 15 minute Phone Consultation with a Family Law Attorney – a $75 Value

Not to mention the bonuses in our member's area of

More Bonuses! 

  • 1 Month access to our Member’s Only section of, with family law legal documents and forms, Priceless Legal Information 24/7, Valuable Legal Tips & Checklists and Online Member Discussion Forumsa $125 Value
  •  Access to a Huge Library of Valuable Legal Forms- a $3,000+ Value

child custody support book

Previous editions of
 10 Easy Ways to Win Your Custody & Support Case and Save Money! (plus the bonuses) have sold for as much as $249 . Now you can get the newest version EVER plus all the bonuses for a one-time low payment of just $97 $27.00.  That's Right... ONLY $27.
There are no recurring fees, and you'll receive 1 month access to our members’ area.  Best of all, it’s backed by a Money Back Guarantee. 

If you're not satisfied, just let us know and we'll refund your purchase.*


Let's Get Started....


     I Want Help with My Family Law Case and Start Saving Today

     I Understand You Have a Money Back Guarantee

     I Can’t Wait to Get Instant Access to Your Book and Bonuses



 Want the E-book Only (No Extras) For Just $9.95?                                 


   Live well and enjoy your family,

The Attorney Connection

P.S. – Taking action could be saving you thousands in legal fees, instead of costing you money. Get started today by accessing our E-book and Bonuses today!

P.P.S. - Even if you don’t know what path you will choose in handling your family law case, this E-book will more than pay for itself with the valuable information and resources it provides.

P.P.P.S. - Remember, the knowledge you will have after reading our book can pay for this E-book right away!

P.P.P.P.S. - Backed by a Money Back Guarantee.  And if you do not get any value, you can ask for a refund and the E-book is yours to keep.*


* Refund policy 

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